MedBackup™ PIPEDA Compliant Data Backup Service

We offer MedBackup™, the premier online backup service especially geared to the secure data backup needs of healthcare providers.


MedBackup™ is the ideal offsite records backup solution for:

  • Doctors’ offices
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Sleep disorder clinics
  • Mobile healthcare professionals
  • Test labs
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Businesses in the Finance, Professional or Service sectors requiring a stealth backup solution.

Key Features

  • Nightly automated data backups
  • No tapes to change, hardware or software to purchase or to maintain
  • Highly secure, with military-grade 3DES encryption
  • Daily human monitoring of backup results
  • Fast data restores (minutes rather and hours or days)
  • Compatible with servers, desktops and laptops
  • Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems supported
  • Backs up documents, databases, emails, even open files thanks to shadow copy technology
  • File versioning for historical records restoration (not only from the last backup session)
  • Administered by experienced Severity Coordinators trained at IBM Global Technology Services
  • Helps your organization comply with sections of the PIPEDA Act, avoiding severe penalties
  • Bonus: Ongoing server uptime monitoring and status reporting
  • Optional IT services available for disaster management such as systems recovery plans, disk imaging, etc.

Since its inception in 2009 MedBackup has had a data recovery success rate of 100%!.


  • Prices start at $50 per month depending on the amount of data to backup
  • No setup fees (4-month commitment).

For more Information

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