Spam Mail Filtering

We implement and monitor an effective mail filtering system to virtually eliminate junk mail, phishing, spam, malware, ransomware and viruses before they reach your mail server, resulting in saved time and advanced threat protection network-wide.

The Problem

Even though the amount of junk emails is decreasing worldwide, still at least 60% of emails received by a typical worker are junk or spam. Apart from being an annoyance and a waste of resources (particularly wasted time), there is also the opposite trend where more and more of this junk mail comes loaded with dangerous attachments, representing an increasingly higher risk for your network to get compromised.

The following pie graph represents a typical distribution of incoming mail, with the green slice representing legitimate emails:


How Does a Spam Filter Work?

A spam filter is a service or device that sits between the Internet and your mail server and filters incoming emails into different categories. The filter analizes each sender against several parameters, including IP reputation, Known Spam Source lists (RBL), Dynamically Assigned IPs (DUL), Transport Layer Security (TLS), Sender Policy Framework (SPF), approved/blocked sender lists and several other policies which are highly configurable. Too strong a filter can result in false-positives (e.g. legit emails flagged as spam), so adjusting these settngs correctly is crucial.

Here is what our console looks like for a typical client’s junk mail filtering in the course of one day (colour green represents legitimate incoming mail):


What are the advantages of a Hosted Spam Filter?

A fine-tuned hosted spam mail filter can greatly benefit a company. For example, it can:

  • Reduce wasted time and annoyance
  • Significantly improve network security
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Provide granular control from a centralized console management for the entire network
  • Is also totally cloud-based: no need for capital expenses on additional computer hardware!

Our Spam Filtering Solution

Toronto Computer Help can install and configure a hosted anti-spam filter for your network. We can also combine it with other security solutions such as a Web content filtering system or a network firewall.

All the setup can be done remotely from our offices in Toronto, Ontario, over a weekend, to avoid downtime and with no disruption to your business activities.

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