What can a remote technician really do? (Warning, graphic content)

It is ironic that we say this, as we access our client's computers remotely all the time; but we must warn you about the serious risk of giving remote access to your computer to someone you don't know.

The following real-life video shows what can happen. Warning! This is the one of the most disturbing scammer videos we've ever watched. Consider whether you really want to see this.

All credits go to Mr Jim Browning, author of the video.

For more anti-scam videos visit Jim Browning's Youtube Channel, and consider supporting his work on Patreon.

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From the pub to the hotel, then to the patio, and back to the pub

Thanks to Toronto Computer Help the patrons at Madison Avenue Pub & Restaurant can enjoy solid wireless service. Equipped with the latest in Wi-Fi access point technology, Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-Pro access points can reach every corner of this large, popular Toronto watering hole.

Furthermore, should you step next door to the characterful Madison Manor Boutique Hotel, you needn’t worry! Strategically located Wi-Fi access points will keep you seamlessly connected as you roam all the way into your hotel room and along the transitional spaces.

Whether you manage a busy single location or very large areas requiring an extended wireless range Toronto Computer Help can provision a robust wireless network. Our systems are ideal for campuses, hotels and anywhere where wireless guest accounts are centrally controlled and monitored. They are also highly scalable, introducing additional access points if you need to expand your reach or capacity.

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Sage ransomware reduces ransom payout, introduces sound alert


Cyber criminals have come up with an updated version of the Sage ransomware infection. Apart from encrypting all your personal files, photos, accounting data and databases, making them inaccessible, the infection now includes an audio alert that reads the text on your screen.

On the other hand, the cost of their Sage decryption software (i.e. ransom payment) has been reduced from $2000 to $800 USD.

The best you can do to not deal with cyber criminals is reviewing your data backup. Our company offers MedBackup™, an automated, offline backup service with daily human monitoring which has been able to maintain a 100% success rate on data recoveries. For more information on MedBackup™ and to get a FREE no obligation quote for cloud data backup service please contact us.

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MedBackup™ to extend file retention to six months

We understand that your important files are critical to the success of your businesses. MedBackup™’s data retention policy will soon extend the life of file versions to 6 months (used to be 90 days)! We ensure that each time you save a file, it’s backed up, protected and, if necessary, can be recovered and restored exactly as it was, and in record time.

And of course our entire data backup process is monitored for success by an IT expert on a daily basis.

For more information on MedBackup™ and to get a FREE no obligation quote for cloud data backup service, onsite data backup or for data recovery or troubleshooting of your existing backup system please contact us.

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Winter Projects

Wondering what TCH has been up to this Winter season? Here are some of the projects we completed recently:

  • A network assessment for a First Nations health services organization in northern Saskatchewan. As part of this assignment we evaluated the wireless connectivity and network security of a Remote Presence robot telehealth implementation.
  • A successful disaster recovery and server rebuild for a Human Resources company in Whitby, Ontario.
  • Migrated an Aurora building contractor from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps for Work
  • Procurement and configuration of Panasonic Toughbook rugged notebooks for a Fire and Water Restoration company in Vaughan, ON
  • Troubleshooting multiple software glitches found in the VisualTax Canadian tax software for a Toronto Accountant
  • We moved a company’s systems and server room to Ajax, Ontario
  • Evaluation of server- and cloud-based field service management software for a Mississauga office maintenance company, including Insight Direct ServiceCEO
  • Provided a data center cleaning services assessment for Mercedes Benz Canadian Headquarters

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Microsoft Announces End of Support for Windows Server 2003

On July 14, 2015, Microsoft will end support of Windows Server 2003/R2. This means that Microsoft will no longer be releasing the critical patches and security updates that are necessary to keep this operating system secure. If you are using this OS, this might also increase your support costs and cause you to fail your industry's compliance audits.

Many small businesses, charities and non-profits are still running their main server with Windows Server 2003. Don't be part of the weeping and gnashing of teeth! Now is the time to bring this up to the board and properly plan your server migration.

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End of Support Life for Symantec Endpoint Protection v11

This is the year of the end-of-lives. Effective January 2015, Symantec has stopped releasing product updates, security patches and content updates including anti-virus or anti-spam definitions for SEP v11. Symantec will also discontinue technical support for this version of the product.

If you are using Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection v11 then your systems might be exposed to viruses, malware, botnets, ransomware, malware and other nasties. Users of SEP 12.1 with an active contract should be protected. As always we advise customers to be proactive: review or update your virus products and not be part of the weeping and gnashing of teeth!

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Systems Management series: The IT Onboarding Checklist

IT onboarding is the process of setting up and making new employees acquainted with an organization's IT resources and IT-related best practices.

A simple IT Onboarding document containing a to-do checklist will help companies achieve this process quickly and efficiently, and should be an integral part of staff change procedures. The document will also show new hires what resources are made available by their employer.

As part of its series on Systems Management TCH provides this free IT Onboarding document template.

Considering a comprehensive systems review of your company? Please contact us.

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Selling Online to South America?

The Pantip Electronics Mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

After the success of several import operations TCH is now establishing permanent drop-shipping channels for diversified products and consumables for the mining, electrical, energy, hydrology and transportation industries, as well as niche computing and electronics products.

Manufacturers from China, Italy, Sweden and Thailand are sourcing their products to TCH to reach the North and South American markets, with local representation and in the buyers' own language.

Interested in selling your products in the North or South American markets? Contact us to discuss how we can assist you to effectively communicate with your buyers and expand your sales territory.

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TCH Grows in Aviation Industry

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) and Toronto private jet charter and aircraft management firm NovaJet are the latest aviation companies whose ground operations are supported by Toronto Computer Help. Earlier this year, Lufthansa German Airlines employed TCH for change order services at their downtown Toronto and Pearson International Airport offices.

No matter the size of your organization or your number of sites we can improve the efficiency and availability of your business processes. Our service level agreements virtually eliminate downtime and make your staff more productive and happy.

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Our Latest Projects

Wondering what TCH has been up to this Spring season? Here are some of the projects we completed recently:

  • Participated in two large office moves, taking care of network hardware, cabling and systems configuration at the new locations
  • A VPN network connecting an Engineering firm's offices in Orangeville and Orillia, Ontario; using the awesome ASUS RT-N66U routers with custom Shibby Tomato firmware
  • A cloud-based firewall system for a Healthcare company's 12 physiotherapy clinics
  • Procurement and installation of new office computers for a dental clinic in Markham, ON
  • An automated backup system for QuickBooks accounting data for an Engineering company in Aurora, ON
  • We upgraded the interactive Virtual Footwear Wall displays in adidas' Manhattan NY store
  • A Remote Desktop connection for the staff of a disaster restoration company in Woodbridge, ON
  • Malware and virus infection removal for a Certified Accountant in Toronto
  • Network equipment move for a clothing manufacturer relocating in downtown Toronto
  • A web trends analysis website for the 2013 Chilean presidential elections

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TCH Reports on Chilean Presidential Elections

TCH has been acknowledged by Chilean presidential candidates and news media for reporting web search statistics on the presidential race.

The report, available here, feeds from Google and Youtube search trends in real-time and has been a hit in social media websites including Facebook and Twitter.

The Chilean presidential election of 2013 is scheduled to be held on Sunday 17 November. If none of the candidates secure an absolute majority of the valid votes, a runoff election is to be held on 15 December.

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TCH Implements IT for New Aerial Photography Company in Chile

Hexacoter in flight - Copyright Ariel Marinkovic - x-cam.cl

Toronto Computer Help has been appointed to provide the network infrastructure and Internet services to X-Cam.cl, Chile's pioneer company in remote-controlled aerial photography and video services.

X-CAM was launched in 2013 by award-winning Chilean photographer Ariel Marinkovic. This new venture concentrates on delivering aerial photography and real-time video using the latest technologies in non-tripulated, radio-controlled hexacopter (drone) crafts. Major industries requiring these services include mining, search & rescue operations in remote locations, cinema/video production, fire-fighting support, architectural/construction, documentation of archeological sites, etcetera.

Mr. Marinkovic has a background in Journalism and as a photographer for France Presse and other news agencies has covered world events such as the 2010 hearthquake in Haiti, the rescue of the 33 miners from the Copiapo mining accident in Chile and the recent student and social demonstrations in that country.

Toronto Computer Help has been in charge of delivering the cloud infrastructure including domain, web design, DNS and mail services as well as business applications and technology research. TCH is establishing a growing presence in Chile thanks to its multilingual staff, particularly in Santiago and Concepcion, and welcomes new customers in the region.

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TCH Supports adidas Virtual Footwear Wall

"The most advanced digital retail experience in North America. You've got to see it to believe it."

The Discovery Channel's Daily Planet

Toronto Computer Help has been officially selected to provide technical support for the operation of adidas Virtual Footwear Walls in Toronto, Ontario and Manhattan, New York. Designed by Start JudgeGill, a creative agency from London, England, this exciting multimedia display is revolutionizing the store retail experience.

To see it in action check out this demonstration video.

Toronto Computer Help provides technical support to the Canadian offices of a number of global companies. Click for more information on available services.

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Online Invoicing for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Toronto Computer Help uses FreshBooks, a web-based application for project management, time tracking and invoicing. We are very seldom so excited about an application!

With headquarters in Toronto, FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software that is free for one-person companies. Its iPhone and iPad apps allow a user to record her time on the way home from a client, even to send an invoice from her smartphone or iPad.

Other features include online credit card and PayPal payments, the option of snail-mailing the invoices for you, integration with online CRM and marketing systems such as SalesForce, MailChimp, ConstantContact and much more.

We heartily recommend FreshBooks. Give it a try!

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Lufthansa Appoints TCH for IT Implementation Services in Toronto

Lufthansa German Airlines has officially appointed Toronto Computer Help to provide IT support of their Toronto locations, both at their corporate offices in downtown Toronto as well as at the Lester B. Pearson international airport (YYZ). With corporate headquarters in Cologne, Germany, Lufthansa has the largest airline fleet in Europe and is the world's fourth largest airline (by passenger volume).

As part of this engagement Toronto Computer Help's network technicians will deliver router migration and other implementation services under direction of Lufthansa's Network Operating Centre (NOC) as well as Octopian, a global IT services company specializing in Aviation and Airport IT and headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

As we do for Lufthansa we look forward to continued engagements with other global companies who require a set of expert local hands to support their IT infrastructure in Toronto and across Canada.

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TCH Dances (Badly) with Matt!

Toronto Computer Help staff took an hour last week to join Internet phenomenon and worldwide bad dancer Matt Harding in Toronto! We might be featured in his next video release.

To watch his other great videos visit the Where the Hell is Matt? website

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How to Keep Mobile Employees and Remote Offices Connected?

Many companies have facilities spread out around the city, across the country or around the world, and there is one thing that all of them need: A way to maintain fast, secure and reliable communications wherever their offices and workers are...

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Toronto Computer Help launches Free Network Assessment Program

Toronto Computer Help has launched a free network assessment program for Canadian small businesses and nonprofit organizations. The service consists of a two-hour, on-site visit to analyze a network infrastructure with an emphasis on improving computer and server performance and determination of weak spots that require attention. Items such as network security, viruses, hardware lifecycle, software versions and a switch to cloud computing solutions are discussed. The service is performed by an experienced network analyst, who also signs a non-disclosure agreement for absolute confidentiality.

Canadian businesses and nonprofits interested in this opportunity --a $200.00 value-- and a chance to pick an IT consultant's brain can register by completing a simple network assessment form at http://freenetworkassessment.ca .

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TCH Consults on Wind Energy Systems

Toronto Computer Help has been selected to provide IT consulting services to Indigo Wind Energy Systems Inc., a supplier of wind turbine systems with projects of all sizes across Canada and around the world.

As part of this engagement TCH evaluates data logger products to track energy production, wind conditions, turbine power performance verification and other paramaters in realtime.

The company recently deployed a 50 Kw Faired wind turbine for the Maple Honda dealership in Vaughan, Ontario. (This element became such a distinctive landmark that the dealership included the wind turbine as part of their corporate logo). Another project for Jackson's Toyota in the city of Barrie is undergoing environmental assessment. Installations such as these transform a car dealership in an instant landmark as well as showing a city's commitment to sound environmental practices.

As we do with Indigo Wind Energy Systems we will be glad to bring our expertise and help you research your company's technology deployment.

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