IT Support for the Healthcare Sector

Toronto Computer Help has had a busy last few months with exciting projects for a number of clients in the health care sector. An IT support parthership is currently in the works to provide server maintenance and other computer services to eye care and sleep disorder clinics in Ontario. We are excited for the business relationship with these companies.

  • DUA Cardiac Diagnostics Inc.
  • HealthNet Assessments Inc.
  • Pickwick Medical Clinic - Mississauga
  • Shaughnessy Chiropractic
  • ACT Health Group
  • Britton Orthodontics - Burlington
  • Dr Verjinder Ubhi
  • ICC HealthNet Canada Inc.
  • Cornell Dental Centre - Markham
  • Dr. Rubinoff Dental Clinic

We will be glad to assess your clinic's technology infrastructre and answer your questions on how to become PIPEDA / HIPAA compliant, through a free initial consultation.

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Small Businesses, the Low Hanging Fruit

Symantec Internet Threats Report

The latest Internet Security Threat Report released in April 2013 shows some clear new trends in cyber criminal activity.

The report points to the following devices and platforms as the new targets or vehicules for cyber attacks, in fact mimicking the trends we see in corporate and end-user computing.:

  • Social media (Tumblr, Pinterest targeted) rather than email
  • Mobile devices, particularly the Android OS
  • Small businesses in general, although more often those in Health Care
  • Mac computers (Trojan infections through Java exploits)

Targeted attacks destined for Small Business accounted for 31% of all attacks, an increase of 13 percentage points from the previous year. The volume of attacks against SMBs increased threefold.

While small businesses assume that they have nothing a targeted attacker would want to steal, they forget that they retain customer information, create intellectual property, and keep money in the bank; plus they often serve as a stepping stone used to then break into larger corporate targets.

With regards to data breaches, the vast majority (88%) of reported data breaches were due to attacks by outsiders. But it is safe to assume that unreported data breaches outnumber reported ones. Whether it is lost laptops, misplaced memory sticks, deliberate data theft by employees or accidents, the insider threat also remains high. Most Small businesses should worry about someone in accounts just as much as they should worry about an anonymous hacker. At 36%, the healthcare industry continues to be the sector responsible for the largest percentage of disclosed data breaches by industry.

To read the full report (PDF format) click here. To inquire about best practices and recommended firewall solutions to keep your small business secure please contact us.

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IT Services for Non-Profits

Toronto Computer Help has been selected by the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care as their provider of network support and maintenance services.

We also had the pleasure of upgrading network capabilities at the Birth Control and Venereal Diseases Information Centre in North York. The organization provides free reproductive and sexual health counselling to Torontonians since 1972.

In addition to benefitting from our 8 years of IT management experience in the non-profit sector, Canadian non-profits and registered charities receive a 20% discount on IT services rates from TCH. To find out more click the link below.

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TCH Attends Technology@Work Conference

Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona

We had the pleasure of attending the Technology@Work conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Sponsored by HP, it was a great opportunity to learn about the latest in systems management software, new technology trends and developments and innovations in server, storage and operating systems.

Hewlett-Packard provides products, software, solutions and services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises. In recent months they have been able to regain the top place in PC manufacturing from Chinese manufacturer Lenovo.

Planning a trip to Barcelona? Don't leave before checking this site.

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Time to Review your Software Updating and Patching Processes

The majority of Web-based attacks exploit the top 20 most common vulnerabilities. Consequently, installing patches for known vulnerabilities will prevent the most common attacks. It is essential to update and patch all your software promptly. In particular, with risks like the Flashback attacks that used Java, it is important to run the latest version of that software or do without it altogether. This is equally true for CIOs managing thousands of users, small business owners with dozens of users, or individual users at home.

Update, patch, and migrate from outdated and insecure browsers, applications, and browser plug-ins to the latest available versions using the vendors’ automatic update mechanisms, especially for the top software vulnerabilities being exploited. Most software vendors work diligently to patch exploited software vulnerabilities; however, such patches can only be effective if adopted in the field.

Be wary of older computers containing older versions of browsers, applications, and browser plug-ins that are outdated and insecure. Consider removing vulnerable plug-ins for users that have no need for that software. Wherever possible, automate patch deployments to maintain protection against vulnerabilities across the organization.

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Still using pcAnywhere?

If you are still using pcAnywhere for your remote access be aware that Symantec Corporation, makers of pcAnywhere, have advised their customers to stop using this software for accessing remote computers. This is due to increased security concerns after blueprints of the software were obtained by hackers.

Other source code stolen by hackers from Symantec Corp include Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Norton Internet Security, Norton Utilities and Norton GoBack.

PcAnywhere is a legacy remote access tool that doesn't address today's security requirements. If you or your support technician have installed pcAnywhere in your computer this could represent a serious security risk, especially after this last development.

Toronto Computer Help recommends cloud-based remote access tools that are more efficient and secure. For the replacement of your pcAnywhere software or for a free assessment of your network infrastructure send us a note.

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Challenges for Wireless Internet at Schools

Laptops at schools

If your school or institution requires wireless Internet on campus the traditional Internet services provided by your local ISP are likely to prove insufficient. Internet downtime causes student and staff frustration and costs the school money, time and valuable resources.

Toronto Computer Help has helped schools and organizations achieve constant Internet connectivity and student and staff bliss.

The solution lies in Network QUB (Quality Uninterrupted Bandwidth), a service which allows multiple Internet access types to be redundant. Unlike a single Telco carrier, Network QUB combines redundancy using multiple local loop providers (DSL and Wireless for example) with automated circuit failover. The result for organizations is unparalleled uptime. For the IT manager, this means no call at 3am to manually reset a router.

Additionally, Toronto Computer Help can implement a reliable web filtering tool giving you granular control on what your students can or cannot browse.

If your organization is experiencing specific connectivity issues we welcome the challenge to prove our abilities and addressing your needs. For more information or for a free, no-obligation assessment contact us today.

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Updating Wireless Protocols

If your business was an early adopter of wireless connectivity chances are your network is using the old WEP encryption system, nowadays easy to crack and susceptible to exposing your network and online activity.

Introduced in 1997, Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a security algorithm that was intended to provide confidentiality comparable to that of a traditional wired network. Since 2001, several serious weaknesses in the protocol have been identified with the result that today a WEP connection can be cracked with readily available software within minutes.

In 2004, with the ratification of a new security standard the IEEE declared that WEP "has been deprecated as it fails to meet its security goals". Despite its weaknesses, WEP is still widely used and is often the default setting in router configuration tools.

Nowadays a passerby with a laptop or an employee in a neighbouring office can eavesdrop on a wireless network and successfully decipher a WEP encryption key over the lunch break. Depending on how busy your network is (i.e. the amount of data packets to inspect) it is possible to perform the attack while munching a juicy MacIntosh apple with freely available software such as aircrack-ng and crack any WEP key in as little as one minute.

The PCI Security Standards Council has prohibited the use of WEP encryption as part of any credit-card processing after 30 June 2010, and prohibits any new system from being installed that uses WEP. The use of WEP contributed to the infamous TJ Maxx company network invasion where hackers gained access to information on more than 45 million credit card accounts.

The recommended solution to WEP security problems is to switch to WPA2 which is much more secure than WEP. To add support for WPA2, some old Wi-Fi access points might need to be replaced or have their firmware upgraded.

If you are uncertain about how secure you wireless connectivity is, and especially if your organization has had wireless set up years ago it will be critical to have this aspect checked.

For more information or for a free, no-obligation assessment of your wireless access point contact us today..

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TCH Grows in the Service Sector

Toronto Computer Help is glad to welcome our new clients in the Service sector:

  • VR Disaster Restoration Inc.
  • Servicare Interiors Inc.
  • Sabra Kitchens
  • Ecopainting Inc.
  • Eskimo HVAC & Refrigeration
  • KILE Contracting
  • M&T Plumbing Inc.
  • AlphaOne Backup Services

TCH continues to specialize, implement and support the leading service management software solution, Insight Direct ServiceCEO.

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