Online Reputation Improvement Service

We repair your online reputation by promoting positive search results and demoting negative ones.

When someone Googles your name or your company, there will always be results. What we do is try to bring the posts that you don't like down to the second results page. This is achieved by pushing up other posts about you, either existing ones or new ones that we create.

Did you know? Only 4% of Google searchers ever venture beyond the first page of results.

What we do

The pushing up of certain pages is achieved by way of Search Engine Optimization applied to existing posts, smart page linking and by registering domains that will enhance certain posts about you or your business.

We apply these and other techniques consistently over a period of time, monitoring web trends that pertain to these efforts, and register domains that relate to the name or brand whose reputation you wish to protect. There is however no guarantee as to the result of these efforts since Google is a very organic machine and many factors come into play.

What you must do

  • Initially we must work together to identify the posts that you dislike versus those you feel neutral or would like to possibly enhance.
  • Although we usually rely on your current marketing material, if necessary you must be willing to produce some new web content about you.
  • Understand that this is a long-term, ongoing project and that results cannot be guaranteed.

For more Information

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