We offer MedBackup™, the premier online backup service especially geared to the secure data backup needs of healthcare facilities.

Thanks to the availability of rising bandwidth and better technology one area of computing that has been revolutionized of late is data protection. If your business is still managing your own backup and recovery processes then you stand to save considerable money in hardware costs, software costs and IT overhead by outsourcing this service to a qualified service provider using a cloud based platform.

MedBackup™ is the ideal offsite records backup solution for:
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Sleep disorder clinics
  • Mobile healthcare professionals
  • Test labs
  • Healthcare administrators

Key Features:
  • Nightly automated data backups
  • No tapes to change, hardware or software to purchase or to maintain
  • Highly secure, with military-grade 3DES encryption
  • Daily human monitoring of backup results
  • Fast data restores (minutes rather and hours or days)
  • Compatible with servers, desktops and laptops
  • Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems supported
  • Backs up documents, databases, emails, even open files thanks to shadow copy technology
  • File versioning for historical records restoration (not only from the last backup session)
  • Administered by experienced Severity Coordinators formerly at IBM Global Technology Services
  • Helps your organization comply with sections of the PIPEDA Act, avoiding severe penalties
  • Bonus: Real-time server uptime monitoring and status reporting
  • Optional IT services available for disaster management such as systems recovery plans and disk imaging.

  • Price as low as $60 per month depending on the amount of data to backup
  • No setup fees

For more information on MedBackup™ and to get a FREE, no obligation quote please contact us.