IT Onboarding Checklist

An IT Onboarding document should be an integral part of a company's Systems Management to address staff change procedures.

Create an IT Onboarding checklist for the hiring of new employees. This checklist will help prepare the IT-related services that a new hire may need so that they can be productive as soon as possible. It can also serve as a guide for new employees to know what services are available and how to get started quickly.

New Employee Onboarding List

On a typical Windows network the checklist might include:

  • Create Active Directory user ID (username and password)
  • Access to network shares (assignment to Active Directory Global Security Groups)
  • Mail account and password
  • Email setup and best practices (mail signature)
  • Familiarize new user with the Global Address List (GAL) and verify that his/her information is correct
  • Computer setup and configuration of Outlook or other mail client, if applicable
  • Telephone code and phone setup (voice mailbox)
  • Database(s) access, if applicable
  • Accounting system access, if applicable
  • Access to intranet, banking websites, company website, social media sites, if applicable
  • Access to cloud storage such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox, if applicable
  • Mail set up in mobile device/smart phone, if applicable
  • Initial user ID password reset
  • Provide ways to contact technical support (help desk phone number, ticketing system)
  • Orientation re. network security and best practices (e.g. frequency of password changes, document shredding)
  • Security system access code, for physical access to the office.

Employee Offboarding/Decomissioning List

A similar checklist should exist for employees leaving the organization, regardless of whether they are leaving in good or bad terms. Normally these tasks would be completed by HR, but since they are very manual in nature the IT or systems manager should definitely be involved. The important thing is that someone takes care of them as soon as possible. (You don't want a disgruntled employee's last email for her colleagues and your clients to be "So long, suckers!" --true story).

The offboarding tasks list might include (but not be limited to) the following items:

  • Disabling Active Directory user ID
  • Reset corporate email password.
  • Remove access from cloud storage sites (e.g. Google Drive, corporate Dropbox account).
  • Set up of mail forwarding, if applicable
  • Updating of/removal from GAL or other contact lists
  • Preparation of desktop PC (removal of local user profile), if applicable.
  • Removal from phone system
  • Removal as database user
  • Disable access to intranet, banking websites, company website, social media sites, if applicable
  • Revoke security system access code.
  • Communicate staff change to colleagues and, if applicable, to clients.

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