Web Content Filtering Blocking undesirable websites in the workplace

While many companies embrace new social media some may decide to make their employees more productive by limiting access to social networking, video sharing and undesirable websites during work hours. Toronto Computer Help has experience implementing a system that is effective, reliable and gives you granular control on how you want web access to be used.

Key features

  • Set different Internet access policies to individuals or by department
  • Fine granularity with choice to filter or allow over 50 different content categories
  • Applicable to servers and desktops as well as mobile devices such as laptops and tablets
  • Blacklist and/or whitelist specific websites
  • Centralized configuration and management for multiple locations
  • Cloud based, no extra hardware required
  • Provides additional protection against malware, botnets and phishing sites
  • Site access and web blocking reports

Is the business next door using your precious Internet bandwidth?

In addition to the control over Internet usage, the reports generated will provide you with a totally new perspective of your network's Internet activity, giving you insight into how your Internet resources are being used. You might run into more than a few surprises!


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