Wi-Fi Hot Spots for Businesses

Improve patron retention and customer satisfaction by investing in the latest wi-fi hotspot technology for your restaurant, residence, campus or workplace.

The Case for Wi-Fi

A recent survey commissioned by a major US cable company showed how businesses know that Wi-Fi Internet service would improve their customers' experience, yet they do very little about it. A huge 80% of businesses realize their customers expect free Internet access, and that this is a great way to attract new customers, yet only 45% of them are offering it.

This gap exists because businesses are discouraged by the perceived technical challenges of managing wi-fi service.

At many hotels some semblance of Internet service exists but the technology in use is outdated, requiring frequent router resets and causing customer frustration. We have all been at hotels in different continents where we cut our stay short and move somewhere else due to needing a reliable wi-fi Internet service that they stubornly won't provide. Paradoxically this small investment can make or break a service business.

At restaurants and coffee shops, while some owners fear that Internet users will keep tables busy for too long, wi-fi service mostly helps keep customers longer so they can spend more money there. Wi-Fi hot spots can also ease waiting for a service, not only at restaurants but also at medical/dental/physio facilities' waiting rooms.

A bit of History

Wi-Fi technology has made huge strides in recent years. While routers and access points that are just a few years old support 802.11b and 802.11g speeds, the faster of the two, g protocol, is circa 2003 and supports speeds up to 54 Mbps. This was followed by a higher wireless protocol, wireless 802.11n access points which support multiple antennae, have better range and maximum speeds of 300 Mbps. The newest protocol, 802.11ac, uses dual band (5 and 2.4 GHz), is backwards-compatible with b/g/n devices and provides speeds up to 1300 Mbps in ideal conditions.

Wi-Fi encryption has also developed from WEP to WPA, to WPA+TKIP and the latest, WPA+AES or EAP-TLS for maximum wireless security. The older WEP encryption is absolutely insecure, comparable to planting a sign that reads "Private Property, Don't Trespass" but with no actual fence that would keep anyone away.

Our Wi-Fi Hostpot Offering

Toronto Computer Help offers consulting, procurement and implementation of fast, reliable wi-fi access points and hotspots for businesses. We use the best commercial access points or enterprise-class hardware such as the Cisco AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 Aironet series and Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise AP-AC Unifi (UAP-AC) , with the highest range, speeds and encryption. Depending on your requirements we can set the system to manage itself or in high volume environments we can manage the hotspot as a cloud service for you.

In addition, we can configure the following features or services:

  • Insconspicous, smart-looking access points that could pass for a smoke alarm.
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) access points, meaning no need to run electrical cables.
  • Installation of indoor and outdoor Wifi hotspots for restaurant patios and community centers.
  • Seamless Internet roaming in large environments with multiple access points.
  • Content filtering, to prevent use of your WiFi network for ilegal/unsavory activities.
  • Botnet protection, for an additional layer of Internet security.
  • Control panel for management of users and setting usage limits.
  • A separate secure SSID network for employees only.
  • Technical support for end users in case of any issues or questions about connectivity.
  • Configuration of the access point for free WiFi Internet use or pay-per-use.
  • Optional Terms of Service (TOS) Agreement that users must abide to before getting connected.

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